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Our family has been fostering dogs for 17 years

We have helped well over 500 dogs find there forever homes. I knew many dogs ended up in shelters because their families could not afford to feed them. I had wanted to open a pet pantry for a few years and my husband encouraged me to go for it. We started a go fund me page in January to help cover the costs of the paperwork and began our journey of helping families in need. March 18 we received our 501c3 non-profit status.

The pantry's name may seem odd but it stands for the following, Michele, Cienna, Erik and Quinn . Our kids have been involved with helping animals their entire lives. They know what it means to give back to the community in many ways and their friends help at the pantry too. 

We hand out over 8 tons of food each month!

We offer students community service hours by bagging up cans and  dry cat food. We post on our FB page when we have hours available, the response has been wonderful.

There are a lot of food pantries for families in need but they do not always have pet food if ever. We go to a food pantry, set up outside and hand out food to those in need. We do not require any proof that they are in need, we figure if they are there that is all we need to know. Our clients are able to get food from us once a month. We hand out more then 8 tons of food each month.

We are in need of business sponsorship's, volunteers, monetary donations , gallon size plastic slide zip bags, clear plastic totes & food donations.


Our Mission

It is our mission to help our community by providing temporary assistance of pet food to families during difficult times so that they will not have to "surrender" any pets. Our goal is to keep pets with their families and out of shelters.  

We aim to provide 2-3 weeks of pet food to pet owners to supplement their food purchases. This food is not intended to replace owner's monthly food expenses. We donate to clients once per month to ensure we have enough pet food to go around.

Help is available if you are struggling to feed your pets. Hunger never takes a day off.

MCQE Out and About!

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