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  • Do you deliver?
    No, we do NOT.
  • Do I qualify to receive pet food?
    ​We serve those who are struggling to feed their pets as well as low-income elderly people living alone. No one should have to choose between feeding their family or their pet, buying their pet food, or getting the medicine they need. If you are in need, you qualify.
  • How many times can I come to the pantry?
    We aim to provide 2-3 weeks of pet food to pet owners to supplement their food purchases. This food is not intended to replace owner's monthly food expenses. We donate to clients once per month to ensure we have enough pet food to go around. We have one event monthly.
  • Can I get more pets while getting assistance?
    No, if you get additional pets while receiving assistance, you will be disqualified.
  • What kind of food donations do you accept? Do you accept things other than food?
    We accept unopened and opened bags of dog food, cat food and treats. We also accept canned food in good condition. In addition to food items, we also collect blankets, bowls, flea and tick medicines, leashes, collars, toys, kitty litter and pet beds.
  • ​How do I get involved?
    Just contact us, and we will discuss our current needs and your areas of interest.
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